Eff Yeah Set It Off

This blog is here to support, and help spread the word about an amazing band called set it off. You may have heard of them, you may not, but all I can say is it consists of five amazing guys and they deserve at least one chance. So go check out one of their songs and see what you think. Spread the word about Set It Off Stay Classic <143
Cody Carson
Maxx Danziger
Dan Clermont
Zach Something
Austin Kerr
Andrew Cramb
Set It Off
Set It Off Stories

MySpace: www.myspace.com/setitoff

Dan: http://twitter.com/#!/Danny_SIO
Zach: http://twitter.com/#!/zachsomething
Maxx: http://twitter.com/#!/MaxxSIO
Austin: http://twitter.com/#!/Turnup
Andrew: http://twitter.com/#!/andrew_ftw
Band: http://twitter.com/#!/SetItOff

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